Mapping the World

Hi Everyone,
today I just want to share a great post I’ve read today. My favorite maps are 1, 6, 12 and 20 from a business perspective and of course number 5 due to my former post about McDonald’s.

Great Post from Twisted Sifter.


Adapting to International Flavours – McDonalds

If you are expanding your business internationally you always have to adapt to the country you move to. Have this in mind for all parts of your business – legal issues, employees, financial environment and of course your product for a new target group. There are of course a lot more categories which have to be overviewed when your business is going abroad and I will talk about them in future posts. Of course this also is true for Global Players and since I was hungry and went to McDonald’s today I explored that they offer a Scorcher Peri Peri Burger(Chickenburger with spicy sauce) here in Australia which I have never seen in Germany or the US before. Continue reading