Project Management Global Learning

Hi there,

last week my last semester of my Masters’ studies started and I have the wonderful opportunity to study at the University of California in Irvine. I got to know great instructors and students already and the best thing is they come from all over the world. My current class on Project Management involves students from Brazil, France, Dubai, India, Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany (I’m the only one). Continue reading

A Current Affair – IKEA catalogue in Saudi Arabia

Concerning my last post about cultural taboos there is a relevant current affair in the media which shows the difficulties of adapting to a foreign market and respect their laws and culture without insulting the ideals of the companies original culture. Sometimes even Global Players commit really bad mistakes. Continue reading

The Art to say Hello

„Good Day“, „Buenos días“, „Guten Tag“, „你好(Nǐhǎo)”, „Bonjour“, „Buongiorno“, „Bom dia“, „До́брый день“, „こんにちは(Konnichiwa)“, „안녕하세요 (Ann-nyeong-ha-se-yo)“, „Aloha“, „Namaste“, „Nomoskar“, „السلام عليكم (Salam aleikum)“!

Welcome to Hawaii PolynesiaI’m sorry for you if I missed to learn the word to say hello in your native language but I used the 12 most common native languages (plus italian and hawaiian) and I only can say hello to 48% of the Worlds’ population in their native language. Continue reading