Eole Water

Producing Water by Air and Renewable Energies

We are very dependent on different ressources from our world. One french company shows that you can invent products to meet the current challenges of less fossil fuels and the still not everywhere ability to get fresh and clean water. Eole Water was founded in 2008 by Marc Parent after several years of designing prototypes for his idea. He had this wonderful idea during his years in the Carribeans where he collected the condensate of the air conditioning machine. And he thought that there must be a possibility to invent a machine which can produce enough condensate for villages and areas which have no direct access to a clean water source. Continue reading

“Our Changing World”

During my online studies at Coursera I learned about “Our Changing World” which is a lecture series about society issues and challenges of the global environment. The initiator of this event is the University of Edinburgh. The goal is not only to sensitize participants for various challenges but also to highlight the possibilities of academic education to counter those challenges. Continue reading

International Ideas – Eyeglasses

Today I want to present two product related topics. Firstly I found an interesting Social Entrepreneur who wants to offer one dollar glasses to help people in low-income areas which reminded me on the 300 Dollar House I introduced in one of my past posts. Secondly I want to introduce a new topic which will deal with New Business Ideas and Start Ups. Today I have a closer look on the really interesting and innovative 3D fitting of the German Online Glasses Seller Mister Spex. Continue reading

A Story About Cultural Taboos – Part Three

Hi Everyone. I have to apologize that I didn’t succeed in writing articles the last two weeks. For a better understanding I wanted to let you know that I was finally accepted for my Master Studies in International Management in Bochum (North Rhine-Westphalia) and I already succeeded in finding a nice apartment there for the next two years. But let’s get back to business with another Story of Cultural Taboos. And again George is the main character. After his travels to Oceania and Africa he collected some experiences in South & Central America this time. Continue reading

Historical Background on the World Economic Forum

In the Media we are currently getting news about the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. As we all have the possibility to get information what politicians, business leaders and academics discuss this year, I decided to have another view and so I will talk about the organization. Continue reading

Adapting to International Flavours – ALDI

This week I remembered the time in Australia when I really wanted to eat something familiar from Germany and suddenly in Mooloolaba I found an ALDI store and I took my chance to eat German Sausages and some German Sweets. And I was surprised how similar the product portfolio was to the German stores. This brought me to the idea to post about the adaptation of this supermarket within the countries it already started to expand to. Continue reading

Plan your vacation 2013

Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s a new year and everyone is looking forward to the great events, moments and happenings of 2013. In my case I plan to start my Master Studies in International Management in March. Currently I’m within the application processes of different universities. Although I had the great longtime journey in 2012 for eight months in the US, Australia, Singapore and Dubai I am already looking forward to my next vacation. Continue reading

Adapting to International Flavours – McDonalds

If you are expanding your business internationally you always have to adapt to the country you move to. Have this in mind for all parts of your business – legal issues, employees, financial environment and of course your product for a new target group. There are of course a lot more categories which have to be overviewed when your business is going abroad and I will talk about them in future posts. Of course this also is true for Global Players and since I was hungry and went to McDonald’s today I explored that they offer a Scorcher Peri Peri Burger(Chickenburger with spicy sauce) here in Australia which I have never seen in Germany or the US before. Continue reading

Coursera – For a worldwide Education

View on University of Washington CampusToday I want to present another company which provides the world with education. Coursera is a social entrepreneurship which succeeds in providing a free education over the internet with its partner universities. And we are talking about very popular universities like Princeton University, Duke University, University of London or my favourite the University of Washington, since I studied one semester there. Continue reading