What Managers can learn from Obstacle Runs!

Let’s start with a topic which needs to be transfered to fit the international business section. It’s about the increasing number of events of obstacle races. They are a mixture of sports, drill and hard mental work.

Tough Mudder and Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run

I just read about it in a business newspaper and the article reminded me of my start at one of those events in May 2013. I received a wildcard by a friend for the Strongman Run at the Nurburgring and thought “let’s try it”. It was a two rounds course with 15 obstacles per round and all together we had to run 24 kilometres. The worst part was that I got my first cramps when I jumped into the ice-cold water after 10 kilometres and I really had to force myself to go on and finish this competition. And believe me, it really hurt. Continue reading