Project Management Global Learning

Hi there,

last week my last semester of my Masters’ studies started and I have the wonderful opportunity to study at the University of California in Irvine. I got to know great instructors and students already and the best thing is they come from all over the world. My current class on Project Management involves students from Brazil, France, Dubai, India, Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany (I’m the only one). Continue reading

Short Post – Technological Future

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I just read some articles about google glass and other electronic devices which might impact our future. At YouTube I found this very interesting short movie about a possible future we are heading to. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s interesting, kind of cool but also scary. So enjoy the short film “Sight” by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.

“Our Changing World”

During my online studies at Coursera I learned about “Our Changing World” which is a lecture series about society issues and challenges of the global environment. The initiator of this event is the University of Edinburgh. The goal is not only to sensitize participants for various challenges but also to highlight the possibilities of academic education to counter those challenges. Continue reading

Plan your vacation 2013

Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s a new year and everyone is looking forward to the great events, moments and happenings of 2013. In my case I plan to start my Master Studies in International Management in March. Currently I’m within the application processes of different universities. Although I had the great longtime journey in 2012 for eight months in the US, Australia, Singapore and Dubai I am already looking forward to my next vacation. Continue reading

Worldometer – Statistics of a changing World

Water SourceSome weeks ago I introduced 7 Billion and You. They offered the service to show you when you were born and what the current population is. Since I like statistics I searched for other websites dealing with similar topics.

The website Worldometers shows 8 different categories of recent statistics. Continue reading

7 Billion and you?

There is another interesting website showing us how big this world really is. On 7 Billion & Me you can see the current population of the world and you can put in your date and place of birth and your gender after clicking the “Get Started” button and they will tell you interesting things about: Continue reading

Journey of Mankind

Are you Global?

Living in a world with more than seven billion people who use different forms of communication makes it difficult to know all about cultural diversity

Sunrise in GreeceI created this Blog to write about my intercultural experiences, theoretical cultural knowledge and some businesses which made mistakes in their global expansion and some who are following a good approach.

But firstly I’ld like everyone to have a look at the interesting Journey of Mankind.