Dear Future Generations

Hi there,

today just a short post about a very inspiring video of Prince Ea who says sorry to future generations. I just wanted to share the video because he has a lot of right points in this poem/rap.

Let’s do something about it. Every small action helps to make this world a better place and save something of its beauty for future generations.

Cows – the real reason for global warming

This morning I read it in the newspaper. It has to be more efficient and produce less greenhouse gas emissions so that we can limit the global warming. Mankind has to create the cow of the future…”Cow”? Well I was a little confused but the headline got my attention. So here is a short summary. Continue reading

Eole Water

Producing Water by Air and Renewable Energies

We are very dependent on different ressources from our world. One french company shows that you can invent products to meet the current challenges of less fossil fuels and the still not everywhere ability to get fresh and clean water. Eole Water was founded in 2008 by Marc Parent after several years of designing prototypes for his idea. He had this wonderful idea during his years in the Carribeans where he collected the condensate of the air conditioning machine. And he thought that there must be a possibility to invent a machine which can produce enough condensate for villages and areas which have no direct access to a clean water source. Continue reading

Historical Background on the World Economic Forum

In the Media we are currently getting news about the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. As we all have the possibility to get information what politicians, business leaders and academics discuss this year, I decided to have another view and so I will talk about the organization. Continue reading

A Current Affair – IKEA catalogue in Saudi Arabia

Concerning my last post about cultural taboos there is a relevant current affair in the media which shows the difficulties of adapting to a foreign market and respect their laws and culture without insulting the ideals of the companies original culture. Sometimes even Global Players commit really bad mistakes. Continue reading