„No Culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive“

This is my favourite quotation of Mahatma Gandhi and it fits to the idea of this Blog. At I would like to provide you with some information and facts concerning cultural diversity. I will try to give you not only the ideas which are written in several books about Intercultural Management but also the experiences of people who travelled, who started their own business in a different country and who studied abroad to gain invaluable knowledge for their future in a different environment.

Living and doing business in our world requires firstly high social intelligence and an open mind for new experiences and with a certain curiosity everyone is able to think and act outside the box.

Lake Washington SeattleMoreover I would like to find both great business ideas and business models which can make this place a better world by providing a great value, win-win situations and hope. If you have such topics in mind and you would like me to post about them please contact me.

Finally I think the following quotation of Richard Branson shows the importance of practical experiences:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

So let’s learn from the tumbles of others to take the next step for a better understanding of the world!

6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Born in California to a Swedish father and British mother I have found my home in the south of France! Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs and I am glad you enjoyed what you read. Perhaps you will check out the other one day?

  2. Most certainly, we need to be open to new experiences and embracing of diversity not only to survive as a species, but also to thrive. Thank you for following Day4Women!

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