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You liked Lego when you were young? – Then you will love Phonebloks

Hi everyone,

Phonebloks New Generation of SmarphoneYesterday I’ve seen a video on YouTube which showed the next generation of smartphones. The concept is so easy but nevertheless such a great innovation to create your individual smartphone. It works as if you put Lego bricks together and you can choose what really is important for you and your mobile phone – as for example a big camera or a bigger battery. Have a look at the video on Phonebloks and support the idea by joining the Thunderclap on their page and sharing the idea on Facebook.

Creativeness and Simplicity – Sandwichbike

Tool Kit for SandwichbikesUsing 2 plywood boards to create a serviceable and unique bike, that’s the idea of Basten Leijh of Bleijh. He uses re-examined materials for manufacturing and distributing the bike. The packaging seems to be inspired by the packaging of furniture at IKEA with the big advantage of lower shipping costs for such flat packages. Continue reading

What Managers can learn from Obstacle Runs!

Let’s start with a topic which needs to be transfered to fit the international business section. It’s about the increasing number of events of obstacle races. They are a mixture of sports, drill and hard mental work.

Tough Mudder and Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run

I just read about it in a business newspaper and the article reminded me of my start at one of those events in May 2013. I received a wildcard by a friend for the Strongman Run at the Nurburgring and thought “let’s try it”. It was a two rounds course with 15 obstacles per round and all together we had to run 24 kilometres. The worst part was that I got my first cramps when I jumped into the ice-cold water after 10 kilometres and I really had to force myself to go on and finish this competition. And believe me, it really hurt. Continue reading

Eole Water

Producing Water by Air and Renewable Energies

We are very dependent on different ressources from our world. One french company shows that you can invent products to meet the current challenges of less fossil fuels and the still not everywhere ability to get fresh and clean water. Eole Water was founded in 2008 by Marc Parent after several years of designing prototypes for his idea. He had this wonderful idea during his years in the Carribeans where he collected the condensate of the air conditioning machine. And he thought that there must be a possibility to invent a machine which can produce enough condensate for villages and areas which have no direct access to a clean water source. Continue reading