Welcome Back

Hey there,

today I have to welcome me back to this Blog. I had little to no time since I am back in Germany to blog something here. Just to let you know what happened. I finished the ACP Project Management course as the best student but I dedicate this to my wonderful Project Management Team.ACP Project Management

From January on, I helped out the SternenGalerie, a fireworks company which was founded by a friend of mine. Since he is developping his new StartUp Aletheio in the US I had the chance too jump on the business and work as COO for them. It’s a lot of fun but of course a lot of new things to learn, which needs a great effort and time.

During this time I also succeeded in finishing my Masters’ degree in International Management. My final thesis is about Corporate Entrepreneurship and how large companies can learn from Start Ups to develop their internal strength and to motivate their internal resources for doing innovation within the company. It provides companies with a catalogue of methods how to increase the innovational power within their own structure. This work will be published in a book about innovational processes and I am very proud of this.

So I hope within the next weeks I will succeed on giving you some interesting blog posts about Project Management, Intercultural Communication and Entrepreneurship.

See you soon!


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