Managing Multiple Projects – So Much To Do

Hey there,

within the last month our class succeeded in several classes such as Monitoring and Control with Earned Value, Project Procurement and Managin Multiple Projects.

In the Earned Value class we learned how to analyse the current success of a project by the measures of cost and time. I think it’s a very easy tool to see the current status of the project and to realize early if it falls behind schedule or goes over budget.

The Procurement class provided us with several possibilities of contracts which can be used in a project. It’s always necessary to know which kind of contract is the less risky for you (doesn’t matter if seller or buyer) and which you should avoid. In this class we did a group presentation about the Ocean Cleanup, which I already described in a former post. We analyzed which work they have to do, a possible schedule and who can be a contractor for this project and which kind of contract we should negotiate with them fom the Ocean Cleanup perspective. Moreover we were happy to give information about this great project to our instructor and classmates who haven’t heard of it so far.

Today is our last class in the course Managing Multiple Projects and we will do our final presentation. This time my team developed the whoe project plan for the construction of the aquatic center for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. It was really a lot of work but fun at the same time because we developed something new. As you probably guess this was not the only project in our class. We received four more interconnected projects which we had to fulfill at the same time within different groups. So no one was bored in the class because everyone had a lot of work. Nevertheless I think our class did a good job in separating work, setting short meetings for each project and completing all important deliverables for each project. This class was by far the most interacting and I again realized how much more you learn by doing as by simply learning the theory or from past experiences of others.

Tomorrow my last class of the ACP Project Management starts and our team slowly comes from the Performing to the Adjourning stage. It is simply as a quote I recently found states: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” (Michael Altshuler)


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