Project Cost Management

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last week I told you about our leadership presentation. Our team did a great job and we were elected by our peers to be the best and most creative presentation in class and everyone won a ten dollar voucher of amazon. Great additional rewarding by our instructor. Nevertheless the other presentations were also very interesting and creative and presented Richard Branson, Papa Smurf and Mother India from a leadership perspective.

Since thursday we are in the project cost management class and our instructor is again someone with great business experience within the project environment. I like the fact that we have several case studies to work on and that it is not just a power point lecture on costs. Concerning the case studies we have to build a Cost Management Plan, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Cost Estimation Analysis and a Project Budget Analysis. Additionally to that we have to compare which car better suits one of our classmates concerning the financial perspective and the final net present value. In our group we will compare the Toyota Camry 2015 Hybrid and non-hybrid version and we added the Tesla S to the calculation since we wanted to enhance our knowledge and our calculation basis. Next time I can tell you which car our classmate should use and which assumptions we made.

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