Leadership in a Project Environment

Hi there,

last week was packed with another topic on Project Management. We learned about leadership and team building in a project environment and the instructor gave us the task to present leaders in the different stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning). Our group had to present a leader who was very successful in the Storming stage. We finally agreed on doing a presentation about Jupp Heynckes who is a former coach of Bayern Munich and was the first coach to win the triple (German Cup, German Championship and Champions League Trophy) in one year. He was able to create a positive team environment and a kind of family even with all the stars who were playing in the team. They learned to respect each other and that the team success is more valuable as the personal success.

Today is our final presentation about another leader in which we should show the different character traits of great leaders. We chose a creative way and chose a comic star instead of a human leader. Our leader is Remy – the rat from the Disney movie Ratatouille – and we collected scenes which show his openness to change, his self-confidence, his innovative style, the talent to empower others, to emotionally involve stakeholder and the believe in his vision (“Anyone can cook”). So we will see how the edited video version will be evaluated by the audience.

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