Foundations of Project Management

Hi there,

the first course of my Project Management (PM) class comes to an end. My classmates and I were introduced to the foundations of PM by using the most used of the global standards (PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge). It’s created by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the guide is provided in several languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, German and several others.

Within the course I recognized that PM is a very good topic for me since you have to be able to combine different fields of business to be successful with a project. But biggest success factor is an effective communication with all stakeholders especially the customer/sponsor and the project team. With the theoretical knowledge we’ve gained we directly started with our first class project. I work together with Taehee (Korea), Han (China), Yuichi (Japan) and Toshiya (Japan). The task is to plan a project from the beginning to create a website for a Bed & Breakfast project in Thailand. After we created the Scope Statement we were able to build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which we are using to be able to estimate the project schedule and the costs better because we chose to estimate in a bottom up system. The reason for this is that smaller work packages (lowest level of the WBS) are easier to estimate and possible interrelations can be found easier.

Tomorrow is our final presentation of what we did so far and I am again happy about the wide diversity in our group since we can create more ideas within the brainstorming sessions and profit by the different skills of our members. One of the parts of our group presentation is that we have to present what specific things we learned during the course. I will especially talk about the possibilities to create a project overview by the software OpenProj which is similar to Microsoft Projects, easy to use and creates very good results to keep the project going and find the critical path in the project schedule as well as the cost overview.


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