Soundhawk – The new way to listen

Hi there,

the last days I went out for dinner with some friends and I recognized that the conversations sometimes ceased due to misunderstandings which were created by the noisy environment. So I had a look if there are possibilities to meet this challenge.

Today I found Soundhawk, a company which is based in Cupertino. It has the mission that “everyone deserves to hear the world the way they want”. Soundhawk created a system for a unique listening experience, so that customers can really focus on the things that matter without being distracted by background noise.

The system works with three elegantly designed pieces of hardware. The Scoop is a small and comfortable wearable device for the ear that connects wirelessly to the other components. It is using adaptive audio processing to improve key sound frequencies. Moreover you get a Wireless Mic which you can place next to the sound source you want to focus on. It creates clear sounds for the Scoop, even in the noisiest places. That you dont run out of battery during a conversation you receive a Charging Case which is portable, recharges both the Scoop and the Wireless Mic and has enough power to recharge them three times until itself has to be recharged via wall outlet. All the hardware is unifyed by a mobil app that instantly personalizes Soundhawk to the unique hearing profile of the customer. Moreover you can profit from the preset settings of the environment, such as restaurant, driving, etc.

It can currently be preordered in the colors graphite and sand for 279 $ plus a 20 $ Membership to “Friends of Soundhawk”, which gives you a kind of prioritization status. I will have a closer look at the product during my visit to the US since it is only available in the US so far.

Best regards,

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