Must Have – Cool down with the Coolest Cooler

Hi there,

well I finished my Master’s Thesis some days ago with the topic “Developing a ‘measure catalog’ to implement a Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy and enhance the innovative power of a company” and now I have time again to focus on interesting business ideas.

Since we are currently having great summer days with 35 °C [95 °F] (well, accompanied by quite big thunderstorms for German conditions), so it is always cool to spend a day by the lake/river/pool. Of course you need to drink and eat during the day out, so a cooler is needed. Ryan Grepper developed the “Coolest Cooler” and introduced his idea on kickstarter.

The funding period started at the 8th of July and was aimed at a total of 50,000 USD. Well, at the moment the Coolest Cooler received almost 6.4 million USD in funding by 32,000 backers and becomes one of the most backed up crowd funding projects of all times.

If you want to see what the Coolest Cooler can do, have a look at the website or at their video on YouTube

Best Regards,

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