Social Entrepreneurs of 2014

I mentioned the mission statement of the World Economic Forum in a former post about the history of this event. It is “Committed to Improving the State of the World” and the “Schwaab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship” shows that this commitment is actively approached by Klaus Schwaab and his wife Hilde Schwaab.

The Foundation recently awarded their Social Entrepreneurs of 2014 which are internationally operating organizations that pioneer solutions for environmental and social challenges. They sorted the awarded companies by sectors and regions and within the next weeks I will give you a short overview about the organizations. Today I want to start with the sectors arts & culture, youth and social inclusion.

Arts & culture

In the sector Arts & Culture there are three organizations. Artscape was founded and is operating in Toronto. It manages unique facilities that deliver sustainable production, possibilities for rehearsal and living room for creative people and organizations, so that creative hubs are developed within Toronto.

Sonidas de la Tierra is operating in Paraguay. Young people are educated in music schools and they play in more than 170 areas including slums and rural communities to transform communities socially and enhance the citizenship.

The Nalaga’At Center wis a theater in Tel Aviv, Israel. The organization built a place for deaf, blind and deaf-blind people to live out their creativity. Moreover it enhances the dialogue and the mutual understanding of the ‘disabled’and the ‘non-disabled’ and the seeing and hearing public by means of its theatre, café, restaurant, workshops, and training programs. I think it’s a great way to learn and win from the diversity of the people!E

Youth was founded by Nancy Lublin in the US and it additionally operates in Canada, UK, Botswana, Nigeria, Congo and Indonesia. The network gives young people in the age range of 13-25 the opportunity to join campaigns and projects to have an impact on topics like bullying, homelessness or discrimination issues. I especially liked their campaigns Teens for Jeans in which they collected over a million jeans for teens who are experiencing homelessness. Some campaigns are sponsored by global companies such as H&M, Johnson & Johnson or American Express and if the young people have great ideas concerning the topic they can even win a scholarship as for example in the campaign Comeback Clothes which is sponsored by H&M. I think it’s a good example how crowd sourcing can already activate young people because they can show that they also can generate ideas for societal problems.

Social Inclusion

Emmaüs Défi was founded by Charles Edouard Vincent and he provides possibilities for homeless people to sell collected recycling products and donated products in their stores. This makes it possible to re-include the homeless in the society and give them the chance to live a better life. Emmaüs Défi is currently only operating in Paris, France. If you live in this area you can donate old items you don’t need and they are (sometimes renovated) and sold in the stores of Emmaüs Défi.

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