Intelligent Gymware – Athos


today I want to present Athos, a venture-backed Start Up which developed a system to track your exercise data. Compared to Nike+ or other similar sports tracking apps you have the possibility to get detailed data to every muscles group. This is possible because of the 100 % machine-washable technical gym clothes. The clothes include sensors which monitor the individual muscle activity. You can check this data in time by insert a small “core” into the clothes which is a device that sends the data directly to your smartphone.

In my view a very good information the app is able to provide is that you can see whether you do the exercise well or if you overexert a muscle group so you can directly adpat and do the exercise in the way it is supposed to be done. According to this Athos is able to engage people in doing sports and they might have a good influence on the health of the users by limiting sports accidents.

You can use this app also for other sports as yoga (Do you have the right posture?) biking (Do you have the right balance on the bike?) or running (Do you need to work on your breathing?).

I think such next generation wearable technology will be a trend in the future even in other categories than sports. But regardless whether you use the pre-order possibility on their website let’s do some workout and enjoy the day.

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