IAMECO – The environmental friendly PC

In the recent time computers have a very short life cycle time and a really bad environmental balance. The individual components are not easy to reuse and they are fastly out of date due to new techniques and so forth. MicroPro, a company from Ireland, developed a Touchscreen personal computer which is supposed to fabricate 70 percent less carbon dioxid as an usual and comparable personal computer. These numbers are calculated throughout the whole life cycle, beginning with the reduction over the using phase until the recycling process. Moreover they mention that 78 percent of the materials are recyclable and an additional part of 20 percent are even reusable for repairing other computers.

The computers’ name itself says what it is “Iameco or rather I Am Eco” is made by standard components which can be retrofited as the ser wants them to be in a later stage of the life cycle. It’s a similar modular component system as I mentioned in my post about Phonebloks which enhances the life span of the product essentially.

Moreover MicroPro also offers a Laptop with similar economical advantages as the “Iameco”. The development was made in collaboration with their partners from different universities (as e.g. University of Limerick) and institutes (as e.g. Fraunhofer Institute). You can already buy some of their products in their online shop and the “Iameco” currently costs 850 € but in the product description they unfortunately only provide information about the environmental advantages and not about the technical standard for the PC which will make it difficult to sell this quite interesting product. So I hope they add the technical details in the near future.

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