Clever Caps and Reusing instead of Recycling

Today I found the interesting invention called Clever Caps which was made by the company Cleverpack. The first way to use the Clever Caps is as a bottlecap but instead of throwing the bottlecap away or recycling it you can directly use it as a legobrick because the bottlecaps are designed in a way that they fit the sizes of the usual legobricks.

Clever Caps also shows some products you can design from the bottlecaps such as a lampshade, a seating accomodation or a pencil hoder for your office. The Clever Caps have different colors so that you can live out your creativeness. I like this kind of innovation because many people forget that also recycling wastes energy and polutes the environment for transportation or the recycling process itself. So reusing is the much better way to contribute something to limit the detrimental effects on the environment.

You get more information about the designs and bottlecaps at Clever Caps and also a view on the brazilian company Cleverpack ,which was founded in 2008, is of value.

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