SPRITZ – Read Faster and more efficient

As I am currently working on my master’s thesis I have to review a lot of books and papers on my topic Corporate Entrepreneurship. To make the process more efficient I read some online articles how to fasten the reading speed without missing important content. Now a friend of mine showed me a very interesting app which contributes to this topic.

Spritz is a new app which you can use to learn faster reading. They use the technique of highlighting the “ORP” of the words. ORP stands for Optimal Recognition Point which is a point which our eyes search within a word and after finding it our brain starts to process the meaning of the word. By highlighting this point you can decrease the time you need to search for the ORP and therefore read faster.

I think the system is very interesting and the results which are promised by SPRITZ are tremendous because they say you can strengthen your reading rate by 5 minutes of “Spritzing” every day and even if you forget this exercise for a month you still keep your reading level which you gained until then. At the link you can try your current speed of reading with the system in five different languages (German, English, Spanish, French & Russian) in the different speeds of 250 – 600 Words per Minute. Well I was able to read 400 in German, 350 in English and 250 in both Spanish and French with understanding the content but well they say the system will bring you up to 900 words per minute so I have to exercise a little more. This is tested and most probands at least double their initial reading rate.

I think this app can really help curious people who want to read a lot of news, articles & papers fast without missing important content but nevertheless I would suggest reading a “real” book and relaxing during this time because if we also take our time outs as a competition to get to know more we might end up as a burned out omniscient person. So if you are curious try it on your own at SPRITZ


2 thoughts on “SPRITZ – Read Faster and more efficient

  1. Thank you Sir. Through your article I got introduced to http://www.edx.org. Over the past 2 years, I have completed 8 programs through edX. I am currently enrolled in a few and plan undergoing more study through edX and Coursera in future. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and I have been transported back to my teens at the age of 45 years.

    I am sharing this on FaceBook.

    I will definitely explore this tool.

    I wish you the very best in your Thesis.

    Partha Majumdar

    • Thanks Parha…it’s great that you made this experience. I am currently also taking a course at coursera again although I unfortunatley miss the time to make all the courses I am interested in.

      I wish you a great weekend. Kind regards, Marcus

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