Recharge your Electronic Devices with your Backpack

Hi there,

our electronic devices seem to be out of battery so fast and especially when we are travelling we have problems to recharge! I once had the problem that both my camcorder and my phone had empty batteries and I missed a great shot in Australia. If I had the following backpack I would have been able to make a picture of the “mass boxing event” of at least 10 kangaroos!

The SOOT Electropack includes an 10,000mAh Battery and it provides your phone with electricity for up to a week. There is a Dual USB port on the backpack which allows you to charge two electronic devices at the same time. And I think the design of the backpack is nice and handy.

If you want to see the backpack and get to know more about how it works have a look at SOOT Elektropack!
And be never out of energy anymore!!!


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