For an environmental friendly car industry

Today I’ve read about another interesting project concerning renewable energy. Like in a former post about Eole Water this technology has the potential to make the industry better in an environmental perspective.

Urbee and Urbee 2

The designers and inventors of this new car are currently crowdfunding to create the greenest car on the globe. The specific characteristic is the way of producing this car. It’s the first car which parts (except for the chassis and engine) are entirely produced or rather printed with a 3D printer by the company RedEye.In this process they melt acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer and use this to extrude thin layers. After the parts are hardened they can be used for the car. It’s really interesting how good and efficient this technology already is and I hope that the project leader Jim Kor will be successful with the crowdfunding and they can show the efficience of this new car in 2015. Good Luck!

For more information you can have a look on Jim’s Blog about this project and there you also find an introductive video clip.

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