Eole Water

Producing Water by Air and Renewable Energies

We are very dependent on different ressources from our world. One french company shows that you can invent products to meet the current challenges of less fossil fuels and the still not everywhere ability to get fresh and clean water. Eole Water was founded in 2008 by Marc Parent after several years of designing prototypes for his idea. He had this wonderful idea during his years in the Carribeans where he collected the condensate of the air conditioning machine. And he thought that there must be a possibility to invent a machine which can produce enough condensate for villages and areas which have no direct access to a clean water source.

In 2011 the developing on the WMS1000 was finished and the machine was tested in France with very interesting results since it is the first machine which could produce 1,000 litres of condensed water in one day only by wind energy. But of course further tests under more extreme conditions need to be done to get an idea if the machine is good enough to operate in the areas where it is needed the most. Currently the test is done next to Abu Dhabi. The results are still very good and I hope that such machines will also be lucrative so that companies will invest in this kind of technology.

Electricity Grid in Ab DhabiAt the moment the minimum requirement is at least 30 % humidity which fits to the dry climate of the dessert but of course the machine will be more effective in climates with higher humidities. Moreover the spillover of energy can be feeded into the electricity grid and nearby areas can also profit by this byproduct. The company already won some important awards for this innovative product and I hope to hear more about it in the short-term future.

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