International Ideas – Eyeglasses

Today I want to present two product related topics. Firstly I found an interesting Social Entrepreneur who wants to offer one dollar glasses to help people in low-income areas which reminded me on the 300 Dollar House I introduced in one of my past posts. Secondly I want to introduce a new topic which will deal with New Business Ideas and Start Ups. Today I have a closer look on the really interesting and innovative 3D fitting of the German Online Glasses Seller Mister Spex.

One Dollar Glasses

If you want to have good glasses and maybe even a fancy spectacle frame you are easily at prices in the hundreds of dollars which of course depends on your debility of sight. That’s way too much for hundreds of million people in the world. But without the glasses they have no chance to learn, to work and to earn the necessarily income to feed their families. To solve this problem Martin Aufmuth created an amazing project and way to succeed in offering glasses for just one dollar.

As we all know we need a certain standardization to lower the prices. So how does he solve the problems of individual need for:

  1. the individual face proportions
  2. the individual debility of sight

It’s a quite simple answer to this. The problem can be solved by the own community because they are provided with a tool kit to prepare the spectacle frame easily. The frame is made of a light and easily bendable spring steel wire. Moreover the tool kit has a variety of lenses with dioptres between +6.0 and -6.0 which is a range that meets the need of the majority.

But this project is not only helpful for people with debility of sight because a two week training to explain the tool kit will be provided so it will also create jobs. Financing the tool kit can be made by a microcredit which will be paid back with selling the glasses for 1 to 2 dollar (production cost is approximately 0.80 dollar). The first test phase was successful and according to Martin Aufmuth local workers were able to provide 500 people with these glasses.

Choose your glasses online – 3D Fitting at Mister Spex

Try your Glasses live at Mr SpexNow that you read something about this useful and wonderful social entrepreneurship I want to take the focus on another glasses related company. Mister Spex is an online retailer for glasses which was founded in Berlin, Germany. Since the market was lead by large chains with high margins they took their chance to give customers another alternative.

The revenues of the online retail market are still growing faster as the revenues of the local counterparts and almost every local store has its own additional online business. But especially for clothes and accessory the online stores still have the disadvantage that people cannot fit the product. In this case Mister Spex made a small revolution by introducing the 3D Fitting on their website. There are two possibilities to try your new glasses.

  1. Upload a picture of you and choose the model you want to try
  2. If you have a webcam you can try the glasses live

Unfortunately the Live fitting in 3D is currently only available in the German version but it is quite self-explanatory by the pictures showed at the top. It’s so amazing that the glasses are also moving if you rotate your head a little bit. With such new features it is now up to you which fitting method you want to use. Online or still the local alternative.

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