Plan your vacation 2013

Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s a new year and everyone is looking forward to the great events, moments and happenings of 2013. In my case I plan to start my Master Studies in International Management in March. Currently I’m within the application processes of different universities. Although I had the great longtime journey in 2012 for eight months in the US, Australia, Singapore and Dubai I am already looking forward to my next vacation.

San Francisco Helicopter FlightDuring my research for the next trip I found the very interesting website HolidayPirates (For Germans you can also have a look on the German equivalent Urlaubspiraten).

There you can find recent offers for flights, hotels and more. Today they posted possibilities for open jaw flights from European Airports to Lima, Peru, for 350 €. What I liked about the page is that people are commenting with their succesful bookings to give the cheapest opportunities to future interested people. Moreover I liked that they are telling you quite fast if an offer is fully booked. Unfortunately I cannot plan the dates since I have to wait for my university schedule but I am sure I will have a look at the website when I know possible travelling dates.

Have you already planned your holiday for this year? If not have a look at HolidayPirates.

3 thoughts on “Plan your vacation 2013

  1. Thanks for the tip! I plan vacations like it’s a science, too. Sometimes I create a matrix of flights to spot the cheapest fares for a particular weekend for a specific city. I’ll blog about it one of these days and share with you, too! 🙂

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