Coursera – For a worldwide Education

View on University of Washington CampusToday I want to present another company which provides the world with education. Coursera is a social entrepreneurship which succeeds in providing a free education over the internet with its partner universities. And we are talking about very popular universities like Princeton University, Duke University, University of London or my favourite the University of Washington, since I studied one semester there.

You can learn in video lectures by the professors about different topics from Computer Sciences, Business, Nature, History and Culture and many more. I heard about this website in September and I started two courses. One about Gamification of Businesses and another in Operations Management. Both courses were extraordinarely good and provided me with a lot of knowledge about the topics.

The best thing is that you can have a look whether you understood everything by the different exams which are not obligatory but recommended. And in most cases you even get a Certificate of completing this course when you succeed in the exams so you might be able to strengthen your CV. Moreover, there is the possibility to exchange ideas about the topic with students from all over the world and if you need some help there are also organized learning groups for a better understanding.

At the moment there are 1.9 million students and 205 courses. Courses are generally going on for 5 – 10 weeks with a weekly commitment of 5 to 10 hours. I think it’s great that such a free education is possible nowadays and I am still thinking about what courses I will start in January. I think about taking one course for my further business studies like “Critical Thinking in Global Challenges” and one totally different like “Artificial Intelligence Planning” both offered by the University of Edinburgh. What will you choose?

2 thoughts on “Coursera – For a worldwide Education

  1. This is wonderful information. I just attended programs from University of Berkeley provided through These programs were also wonderful and challenged me. I am so very glad for these avenues as I feel back to school at my present age of 44 years.


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