Worldometer – Statistics of a changing World

Water SourceSome weeks ago I introduced 7 Billion and You. They offered the service to show you when you were born and what the current population is. Since I like statistics I searched for other websites dealing with similar topics.

The website Worldometers shows 8 different categories of recent statistics. You get the current data concerning the World Population, Government & Economics, Society & Media, Environment, Food, Water, Energy and Health. In the following part you can see the most interesting statistics for me of each category and how it changed worldwide during I wrote this post.

World Population: 3,500 Births
Government & Economics: 3,000 Bicycles Produced
Society & Media: 60,000 Cellular Phones sold
Environment: 500 hectars Desertification
Food: 550 People who Died of Hunger
Water: 2,100 People with safe drinking water source
Energy: 1,100,000 MWh used
Health: 45,000,000 cigarettes smoked

This is quite mind-blowing, isn’t it? So what are your favourite statistics from the categories?

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