The 300 Dollar House

Three weeks ago I started the new topic of social entrepreneurs and social projects with introducing the Bamboo Schools in Nepal. Today I want to present a very sustainable idea to you. It is called the 300 Dollar House.

I read about this idea in the Harvard Business Manager magazine some months ago and found out that the idea is developped and might be realised soon. Initially the idea of a $300 House should provide information about:

  1. Turning slums into a liveable place
  2. Finding a design for such houses
  3. The possibility to realize these designs
  4. Could the residents learn from the project and built those houses by themselves afterwards
  5. Are there ways how the residents could afford this accomodation

Not the 300 Dollar HouseAfter an open design challenge the founders brought together three parties to get a community feedback to this idea. The participants are the residents of the 300 Dollar House, the designers and the institutions who will implement these houses into the society. Currently there are projects in India, Haiti and Ethiopia to design such houses. It’s great to see how an idea gets alive by the collaboration of people from different backgrounds and I hope that the prototype becomes an affordable and liveworthy housing in these regions. If you want to know more about the project and see how the design looks like have a look on the website here.

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