Global Rich List

You want to find out how rich you are Global Rich List Las Vegas in comparison to the whole population of the world? Then have a look on the Global Rich List. You can put in your annual income (in five different currencies) and see how many people earn less/more than you in the entire world. The page is created by Poke, which is a creative company based in London, and their wish was to create something which gives people like you and me another perspective on our personal wealth and as a side effect they want to raise money for a good cause.

Although I know about the large differences of the per capita incomes within the world, I was impressed by the outcome. The calculation is indeed based on 6 billion world inhabitants but I think it is still good enough to serve its purpose.

Find out how rich you are and alway keep in your mind that “Money doesn’t talk. Except for Las Vegas. There it says ‘Goodbye’!”(Frank Sinatra)

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